NKB 2250

Hydraulic breakers for larger and more powerful jobs. Designed to withstand high performance and harsh operating conditions.

NKB 2250 Hidrolik Kırıcı Görünüm 3
NKB 2250 Hidrolik Kırıcı Görünüm 1
NKB 2250 Hidrolik Kırıcı Görünüm 2
Operating Weight: 2.250 Kg
Oil Flow Rate: 150-190 L / min
Oil Flow Pressure: 160-180 Bar
Number of Strokes: 100-650 Strokes / min
Total Length: 3.000 Mm
Tip Diameter: 150 Mm
Machine Weight: 25-35 Tone
Impact Energy: 4200 J


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Shipping and Assembly

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