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NKB Hydraulic Breakers

28 years of experience, domestic production with 12 months warranty, reasonable price advantage and reliable service.


Hydraulic Breakers

ISITEK MACHINE has a vision of high " Customer Satisfaction "aims to provide the highest quality and fastest service to its customers with its own service network and contracted dealers all over the country.

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12 Months Warranty

All hydraulic breakers we produce are quality guaranteed for 12 months.

Domestic Production

Every part from piston to body, valve to chisels are produced in our factory.

Price Advantage

Thanks to the advantage of domestic production, there is a price advantage over competitors.

Spare Parts

Each hydraulic breaker has continuous spare parts manufacturing and stock availability.


We will provide service and maintenance services at our factory or at your site.


Uninterrupted service understanding with our dealers in 7 regions of Turkey.

Backhoe-Loader Crushers

NKB Light Series

Compact, lightweight and strong construction, ideal for light crushing work. Smooth long working life, low maintenance costs are the most suitable solution for builders and excavators

Suitable Heavy Machine Weight: 1-9 Ton

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Excavator Breakers

NKB Medium Series

With its strong chassis structure, high tapping power, long service life and low maintenance costs, it is the ideal solution for mining and heavy duty services.

Suitable Construction Machine Weight: 9-20 Tons

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Excavator Breakers

NKB Heavy Series

Hydraulic breakers for larger and more powerful jobs. Designed to withstand high performance and harsh operating conditions.

Suitable Construction Machine Weight: 18-50 Ton

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have you had a question? We've included some frequently asked questions about our hydraulic breakers. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

What are your payment terms?

We make 30% down payment in every sale. Then we can offer 30-60-90 days installments to credit card.

What is included in the price of a hydraulic breaker?

Each hydraulic breaker you buy is supplied with 2 chisels. They can be point or sharp of your choice. Hoses are also included in the price, full boom shafts and jacks.

What is the warranty?

All of our products are sold with 12 months warranty. Warranty does not cover user errors and consumables.

What is the shipping and installation cost?

Shipping and installation costs belong to our brand in the province where your dealer is located. However, transportation and installation costs are invoiced separately in locations outside the province.